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Tips To Sell Your Home

Getting your house ready to sell
Preparing your house for potential buyers is extremely important in getting your home to sell.  By following these 7 steps your home will sell faster.  Your home is not the only one a prospective buyer will look at so make it inviting, clean and pleasant.

Step 1: The yard and landscape

The yard should be nice and neat.  Here is a checklist to follow:

Trim shrubs or plant new ones if they are dead or dying
Clean oil off driveway and in garage (if present)
Keep the grass mowed
Keep the grass watered
Weed flowerbeds
Clean the yard (remove toys, tools, building supplies, etc.)
If your home has no landscaping in the front yard it may lose value in the mind of a buyer.  Adding a few plants and or flowers can help sell your home quickly. 

Step 2: Exterior of the home

Paint the house if it is fading or chipping.  Choose a neutral color.  Model homes, priced $20,000 to $50,000 more than your neighborhood, are a good place to go to get an idea of what paint combinations to use.  It is recommended that you paint the front door and door trim even if you do not need to paint the entire house.  Buyers stand at the front door waiting to get in; giving them a good first impression does wonders.

Step 3: Interior of the home (Remove unused items)

Pack anything you do not need.  Label the moving boxes and stack them neatly in the garage- from floor to ceiling.  Be sure to pack any collections and family photos you have displayed.  Your personal items do not allow for the potential buyer to mentally picture their things in the home.  You want to create the perception of roominess.  Don't forget about inside the closets and cabinets too.  People do look inside.  If you can't remove something at least make it nice and neat.

Clothes Closets:
Remove out-of-season clothes.  Arrange your shoes neatly. Hang your clothes by category: all shirts together, all pants together, all dresses together, etc.

Remove extra furniture; chairs, side tables, a sofa that is too big for the room.  Did you know decorators use small pieces of furniture?

Keep the model homes in mind.  What do they have laying around?

Look at it this way; you are going to be moving anyway, so just consider this advance packing and less stress later on.

Step 4: Repair the inside of the home

Here is a checklist to follow:

Paint if needed.  Off-white paint is best.
Correct faulty plumbing
Repair badly cracked plaster/drywall
Repair loose doorknobs
Replace burnt out light bulbs
Repair crooked light fixtures
Repair or replace door stops
Repair screen door
Repair doors and windows.  They should open and close easily.

Step 5: Clean the inside of the home

You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.  Here is a checklist to follow:

Have a professional shampoo the carpets
Wipe down the walls and doors
Remove finger smudges on woodwork with kerosene
Clean the fireplace
Clean windows inside and out
Clean curtains, blinds and/or drapes
Clean appliances inside and out.  Undiluted vinegar works well to remove grease.  Use baking soda on the inside of the refrigerator, it does not scratch and it removes odors.
Clean the tile grout and recaulk if necessary.
Clean fixtures
Remove cigarette odor.  Use scented candles, fragrant fresh flowers, or air freshener spray. 

Step 6: Keep pets out of sight and out of smell

Get rid of pet odors.  It is recommended that the pets themselves be kept out of the way and out of the house during showings.  Some people are uneasy around animals and they may keep the potential buyer from paying attention to the house.

If flooring has been repeatedly soiled, you'll more than likely have to replace it to get rid of the smell. That includes the carpet and the pad.  The sub flooring will need to be treated to kill the odor. Putting a small uncovered dish of vinegar in the room where your pet sleeps will help remove the pet odor. To absorb odors in the cat litter box, add a cup of baking soda to the litter.

Step 7: Clean the garage

The garage is usually where things go when you don't know where to put them.  If your storage area is neat then people will assume that you must take very good care of the whole house.


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